Betting on a yellow-red card, what are the options?
The options for betting at the bookmaker related to the placement of yellow and red cards are very diverse. For example, bets can be placed on the exact number of yellow cards or on the yellow-red card. You can also bet on the team that will receive the most yellow and / or red cards. In some bookmakers, you can also place bets on which player will receive a yellow or red card. Football fans definitely know some of the players who are destined to receive a yellow or even a red card. You can also bet on whether the substituted player will receive a yellow or red card, which team will receive the next yellow card, whether the penalty will be associated with a red card, and whether an odd or even number of cards will be dealt in the game. The period of time during which yellow cards must be received can also be specified. Some bookmakers also allow yellow card betting as the first event in the game. It is also possible to bet on a double chance card and some sports bets offer card points. We will explain what this is in the next section of the text. We also explain the handicap card betting option in the section.

The most frequently suggested yellow and red card bets are:

- Total cards
- Total number of home team cards (over / under)
- Total number of cards by the away team (over / under)
- Red card - yes or no
- The hosts receive a red card - yes or no
- The visiting team receives a red card - yes or no
- Which team collects the most cards?
- 3 Way Handicap Cards
- Odd or even number of yellow cards
- Who will receive the next yellow card
- Yellow card for a certain period of time
- Card points system
- Which player receives the yellow and / or red card
- Yellow cards for half
- What happens first Corner in front of a yellow card, a goal in front of a yellow card, a penalty for a red card
- Will there be a yellow-red card - yes or no?
- Will more yellow cards be shown in the 1st or 2nd half?
- Which team gets the most yellow cards?

Place card points like a soccer bet

This type of betting in the form of yellow and red cards is very popular because there is no need to name a specific player or team that collects the cards, but a scoring system should be used. This varies from bookmaker to bookmaker. Some say a yellow card equals 1 point, a red card equals 2 points, and a yellow / red card equals 3 points. Another bookmaker uses five or ten steps in this context. In any case, an over-under bet can be placed together with a card point bet. Or up to more than 3.5 points or more than 19.5 points, depending on which system the sports betting provider offers. Of course, these lower card bets can also be reduced to one team.

Bet on the total number of cards in the game

In most cases, you bet more or less on the number of cards dealt. Often times, you have a choice between more than 1.5 and more than 7.5 cards. The same is true for the Under option. These possibilities can be limited to a certain period of time or by the home or away team. These card rates can also be reduced to the appropriate half. Some bookmakers only offer yellow card betting. If a player receives a red card, most bookmakers receive two yellow cards. You have to be careful with both teams getting a yes or no card because with over it doesn't matter if only one team gets cards or both teams. When choosing the betting option "both teams receive cards in excess of 2.5 or 3.5 cards, yes or no", it is important that both teams actually receive this number of yellow and / or red cards. Another option for betting on yellow cards is a place on the team that receives the most yellow cards. You can also bet on which half the most yellow cards will be dealt.
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